SUPing in Switzerland (and around the world!)


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There are 58 lakes in Switzerland with an area of 1 sq km or more, as well as several navigable rivers … I’m aiming to get around them all with my SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board, and this page is my “collector card” 🙂

Each lake or river in the list is linked to the route logs for each trip on the ride mapping app “Strava”.

Over on my Pinterest page you can see maps and more photos of all my SUP rides.

Feel free to leave comments – I’d love to hear from anyone else who has been SUPing in Switzerland or wants to!



Büren to Solothurn 25/06/2017 + video map animation


Rheinau to Eglisau 20/06/2015

Stein am Rhein to Diessenhofen 02/08/2015


Lake Constance

Untersee 02/08/2015

Reichenau Island 03/10/2015 (cross-border into Germany)

Untersee 01/08/2016 (cross-border into Germany and back)

Lago di Lugano

Melide – Porto Ceresio – Agno 30/10/2016 (cross-border into Italy and back) + blog post on

14/05/2017 + blog post on

Lago Maggiore

Magadino to Luino (Italy) 19/09/2015 (cross-border into Italy)

Lake Zurich

Obersee 13/06/2015

Zürichsee 29/08/2015

Zürichsee 04/06/2016  (first trip of 2016!)

Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee)

Flüelen to Treib (Urisee) 18/06/2016


17/07/2015 18/07/2015 19/07/2015


Bönigen to Brienz 22/08/2015

23/08/2015(1) 23/08/2015(2)

Iseltwald 15/07/2016

Iseltwald sunrise 16/07/2016

Iseltwald 16/07/2016

Iseltwald to Giessbach Falls 16/07/2016

Iseltwald sunrise 17/07/2016


10/07/2015 11/07/2015

End-to-end (W to E) 10/06/2016

Ägerisee 06/06/2015

Klöntalersee 05/07/2015



Falmouth 03/05/2016 – not logged on Strava: sea SUP lesson with – highly recommended!


Lago d’Iseo

Iseo to Sale Marasino, 25/05/2017 + blog post on

Monte Isola circumnavigation, 26/05/2017 + blog post on

Sale Marasino to Pisogne, 27/05/2017 + blog post on

Lago di Lugano

Melide – Porto Ceresio – Agno 30/10/2016 (cross-border from Switzerland and back) + blog post on

Lago Maggiore

Magadino to Luino 19/09/2015 (cross-border from Switzerland)

Luino to Laveno 20/09/2015

Pallanza 25/06/2016

Gulf of Borromeo 26/06/2016

Luino to Zenna 02/07/2017

Lago d’Orta

Omegna to Orta San Giulio, 28/06/2016

Orta San Giulio to the south, 10/09/2016

Orta San Giulio to the north, 11/09/2016


Reichenau Island 03/10/2015  (cross-border from Switzerland)

Untersee 01/08/2016 (cross-border from Switzerland and back)


Marina del Rey, California, 15/11/2015


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