Nunc est Bibendum; or, The Adventures of Graham’s Tripod, part 4


In case your Latin isn’t very good, “Nunc est Bibendum” means “now is the time for drinking”. Bibendum was also the original name given to the famous “Michelin Man” – unthinkable now of course, in these politically-correct times!

I was out overnight in London again with Graham’s tripod (thanks Graham!) and one of the locations I photographed was the iconic former Michelin headquarters at 81 Fulham Road in London, processed here as an HDR image.

Appropriately enough, directly opposite is a branch of the French wine merchants Nicolas, seen in the second picture with the lights of the Bibendum building in reflection.



About The Tom Angle

Photographer, food & wine lover, fanatical French horn player and reluctant IT geek. British expat in Switzerland.
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