Hidden gems


Today I’m just sharing a few random photos that caught my attention
while having a reorganisation of my digital photo library.

1: Offices near St Paul’s Cathedral, London
2: De Havilland Dragon Rapide biplane on the ground at Duxford airfield
3: Snow sticking to the trunk of a sweet chestnut tree
4. Sunrise with oak tree in silhouette

One of the occupational hazards of being a photographer is the sheer
volume of photos and trying to keep track of them all. I shoot about
12,000 frames a year and it’s just impossible to keep track of them
all in one’s head, still less to post-process everything.
Unfortunately that means there are probably quite a few gems in there
which will never see the light of day again!

I work on the move a lot and so I mostly work off a laptop, using an
external hard drive as additional storage. Unfortunately I had a
laptop die on me last year, then I recovered all the latest photos off
its hard drive, used a borrowed laptop for a while, then got my
current MacBook Pro, copied some stuff onto its internal drive, copied
various stuff onto the external drive, and ended up with a complete
mess and a lot of duplication (which is no bad thing, as long as you
don’t delete *both* duplicates while having a clear out!)

I think I’ve figured out a good (and not over-complicated) way of
organising things so that I can find what I need, keep everything
backed up, have all my current projects at my fingertips etc etc, so
I’m busy rearranging all my recent photos into the new structure. Who
knows, I might spot a few more hidden gems in the process!



About The Tom Angle

Photographer, food & wine lover, fanatical French horn player and reluctant IT geek. British expat in Switzerland.
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1 Response to Hidden gems

  1. Rita Damper says:

    Super photos Tom. Really good stuff!

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