Seizing the Moment


The other morning, the lovely Mrs Togblog woke me on her way out to
work (she leaves the house at 6am) and said “There’s the most amazing
full moon!” What she meant was, “…and you’d better get out there to
photograph it!”

It was actually a great suggestion, especially as I’ve been doing
quite a bit of moonlight photography lately (a subject for a future
post here, most likely). I should have planned to go out earlier
during the night, but the forecast had been for cloud. By the time I
dragged myself out of bed, dawn was well and truly underway and I
thought I had missed the moment; also, scudding clouds had largely
covered the moon.

So THEN I thought: right, those clouds will make a fantastic sunrise
sky. Grabbed the camera and headed for a local landmark 15mins drive
away, which I often use as a location; hoping also to catch the tail
end of the moonlight.

Guess what happened? By the time I arrived, not only had the moon sunk
behind trees, but ALL THE CLOUDS HAD GONE, leaving a featureless and
rather boring dawn sky. In terms of my original plan, it was a wasted

And then the sun came up and shed the most amazing golden light on the
ruins, with reflections in some temporary flooding which I hadn’t even
known was there, reeds sticking out of the water at interesting
angles, sunlight sparkling off the water. I ended up with some
amazing photos, but totally different to what I had planned.

Some of the world’s best photographers will tell you that the only way
to get the photos you want is by pre-planning every detail and having
the image fully formed in your mind before you even get your camera
out, never mind press the shutter. In a sense this is true, but I also
think it’s really important to be able to react to the unexpected,
adapt your ideas and seize the moment before it passes.



About The Tom Angle

Photographer, food & wine lover, fanatical French horn player and reluctant IT geek. British expat in Switzerland.
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  1. Rita Damper says:

    Welcome to Posterous Tom! I hope you have fun and meet some interesting folks. Please have a look at my subscriptions and follow at least some of them. 🙂

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